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"The best tasting Biscotti ever!" Terri W.

"The taste of Joey's Home Bakery - Gluten Free baked goods are absolutely delicious! They taste like the real deal, not like most of the cardboard gluten free stuff I bought over the counter!"
Carol O.
“I was pleasantly surprised by Joey's Home Bakery - Gluten Free baked goods, I am not gluten free, but her baked goods taste better than baked goods made with gluten. Everyone in the family can now enjoy Joey's Home bakery - gluten free's products, not just those who are gluten free. I have found the best tasting one here!!!"
Nicole M.

"Frozen section bread, bye bye; freshly baked gluten free bread and muffin from Joey, hello! I truly enjoyed your baked goods, makes me feel like mom made it especially for me"

Janice M.

"Thank you for making us fresh gluten free baked goods, this makes us feel we are not alone. You have made more than a cake or a loaf of bread, you made us feel "included", thank you."

Robert W.

"I tasted your chocolate cupcake with fresh raspberry frosting at the summer green market, it tasted divine!"

Eva C.

"Your whole grain gluten free foccacia tasted like the real thing, exceptionally good!"

Alice P.

"Thank you for making me a special order of gluten free whole grain bread without yeast, they are absolutely delicious!"

Mary J.

"Our family came to visit on 4th of July weekend, so happy to found your booth at the summer green market at downtown west palm beach, without hesitation we bought your focaccia and 5 whole grain sandwich bread, they are the best gluten free bread!!! Thank you, we have something great to snack on the drive down to the keys."

Cathy M.

"I am on a Paleo diet, enjoyed your cranberry date coco bar a lot, please make more choices for Paleo! My boyfriend and I loved them."

Monica B.

"My son is allergic to wheat and he enjoyed your double chocolate chip cookies so much that he sent me just to get his cookies!"

Yvonne E.

"Tasted so much lousy gluten free bread made me skeptical about a real soft, moist, chewy and nutritional gluten free bread ever existed; thanks to your effort to bake the five whole grain gluten free sandwich bread for us, I now can't live without it."

Wayne C.

"I am going away to Kansas City, I need 2 boxes of your gluten free vegan oatmeal raisin cookies, one for now and one for the road! They are so good that I am sure I would miss them even I am going for a week only."

Peter T.

"The gluten free Biscotti is really good, I am not on a gluten free diet but I work near the downtown West Palm Beach Green Market, I get my gluten free biscotti from Joey every week, it is not so hard that can crack your tooth, it tastes very fresh with a scent of almond and caring."

Steve B.

"Just wanted to let you know that I bought your rosemary focaccia bread, carrot cake and the cake with pineapple on top at the Ft. Pierce Green Market today. I will definitely be buying from you again. Thank you for providing such scrumptious gluten free food. You now have a lifetime customer!"

Linda V. H.

"I live in Fort Lauderdale, after tasting your gluten free 5 whole grain sandwich bread, I have to declare it is the best gluten free bread I've ever eaten, I have been tasting a lot of them, not just a few, literally hundreds of different gluten free bread and I am glad I found the best finally! Now I'd have you ship my bread please."

Betsy C.

" Lately I have been buying your blueberry muffin and banana walnut muffin a lot, I am a baker myself but I have to admit that the texture of your muffin is so much better than the one I made from gluten free cake mixes. It is moist and very soft yet not crumbly, and there are fresh blueberries inside the muffin! Not the dry one like those I used to buy from the freezer section. You sold me on the muffin. Thank you. "

Peter J.
on 9/18/2014 (Zeyah wants a cake on her 5 years old birthday party, she is allergic to wheat, corn, dairy, soy. Joey made her a birthday cake base on her dietary needs, she was one happy child!)
Zeyah, loved her cake. I'd like to thank you dearly for going above and beyond to ensure we received the cake with as little difficulty as possible. To my surprise, Zeyah made an announcement at her party before all of her guest telling them about how her friend Joey had gone to her bakery, brought us the cake packed with ice, and then traveled home. That let me know she was very thankful and appreciative of all your work assisting us. The cake was a hit at the party. Too much of a hit if you ask me because I only got to taste a piece...not even a slice...lol. You've definitely made some future customers at the party. Everyone kept talking about how great your cake was. In the taste of cake I did sample, I loved the strawberry flavor with what I thought was lemon in the icing. The cake was so good Joey that next year I'll be sure to order a cake but this time also with cupcakes.
Much continued success to all of you at Joey's Home Bakery.
Zenita & Zeyah

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