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Bread items:

Paleo Bread with Organic Coconut Flour DF SF 1/2 loaf $ 8.00

Whole loaf $16.00

Muffin items: Each Muffin $

Cookie items:

Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Vegan Paleo SF nuts $ 6.99/3pcs

Sugar Cookie with Rainbow Sprinkle DF $ 3.99 e.a.

Meringue Kisses DF $ 3.00/2pcs

Rugelach Cookie Very Buttery $6.99/2pcs, Chocolate or Raspberry

Cake items:

Flourless Cho. Cake Callebeut Dark Chocolate $ 5699/Slice Chocolate Blackout layer cake $ 6.99/Slice

Eclair w/Coconut Cream or Custard Pastry Cream $ 6.99 e.a.

Vegan Chocolate Layer Cake $ 6.99 e.a.

Organic Mango Mousse Vegan $ 6.99

Pie items:

Organic Cherry Berry Pie 4” Vegan $ 6.99


Spinach Mozzarella $ 7.99 e.a

Vegan Pizza with Black Olives, Tomato & Spinach $ 7.99 e.a.

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